The Saddest Landscape


The Saddest Landscape provides cathartic therapy for desperate and dark matters of the heart. With passionate vocals and pummeling, powerful musical landscapes the band never relents nor wavers as they drag you through their own personal hell.

Since forming a decade ago in 2002 the band has accumulated over 25 releases. These include seminal splits with scene-favorites like Funeral Diner and Trophy Scars. After a brief respite in 2006 the band reconvened for a few European dates in 2008 which was followed by a self-released vinyl discography (All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven.) and the full-length You Will Not Survive on Panic Records. Shortly after, the band released two splits with members of the Topshelf family (Pianos Become The Teeth and We Were Skeletons) and recently released After The Lights on Valentine’s Day 2012, their most recent and highly anticipated full-length.

Weathering several lineup changes has most recently left them with two original members (Andy Maddox — vox/guitar, Aaron Neigher — drums) and Eric Mauro on guitar and bassist Jeff Ramirez (also a designer with the UP Studio and member of Sleep Bellum Sonno).

Time away has only enhanced The Saddest Landscape’s aggressive vitriol. The band has redefined expectations firmly reestablishing themselves back in a scene that desperately needs them. After The Lights is The Saddest Landscape planting their feet in the ground: they are here to stay.

(Bio by Elise Granata.)



“Hands down the best I’ve heard who are still playing this sound”
-Go 211

“After the Lights is the very definition of a 'great' record.”
-Sputnik Music (On After The Lights)

“Across 26 or 27 releases (albums, EPs, splits and comps), the Northeast-based band have perfected a distinct, rabid strain of what the kids once called 'emotive hardcore.'”
-Alternative Press

“[E]asily one of the best releases of 2010.”
--Delusions of Adequacy (On You Will Not Survive)

“You may survive, but all the enamel will be removed from your teeth.”
-Aiding & Abetting (On You Will Not Survive)

“The Saddest Landscape’s sound is frightening, original, and engaging.”
-Alt Sounds

“If this is what screamo sounds like in 2010, then I want more of it.”
-Dryvetyme Onlyne