Gregory Uhlmann // "Neighborhood Watch", the anticipated LP out today

Happy release day to our very own Gregory Uhlmann! The newest album Neighborhood Watch is out now in its entirety and we're very excited for you to hear it. The album is a meditation on domestic bliss and contentment, filled with thoughtful lyricism and skillful composition.

“This album reflects where I’m at in my life. It feels more grown up, but still contains a certain level of uncertainty and searching. I think I'll always be looking for answers, but I'm more comfortable with the idea that there are not always clear cut solutions and that's ok,”

"With this unusual and delightful combination of rock, folk, ambient, and psychedelia, Gregory Uhlmann may have stumbled upon a brand new genre." - Pop Matters

Order your copy of the album today on one of three vinyl variants, cassette, CD, or digital.

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