The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die Whenever, If Ever



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Track List:

  1. Blank #9
  2. Heartbeat In The Brain
  3. Fightboat
  4. Picture of a Tree That Doesn't Look Okay
  5. You Will Never Go To Space
  6. Layers of Skin We Drag Around
  7. Ultimate Steve
  8. Gig Life
  9. Low Light Assembly
  10. Getting Sodas

Pressing Info:

first press: /2,087; 222 Clear w/ Blue and Green Splatter, 320 White/Green/Yellow Marble, 1023 Clearwater Green, 522 Black (on rejected plates)(20 test presses - rejected) (20 test presses - approve)
second press: /1,029; 1,029 Hunter Green
third press: /1,037; 1,037 Translucent Red w/ White Smoke
fourth press: /1,150; 1,013 Coke Bottle Clear w/ Blue Smoke, 163 Clear with Random Splatter
fifth press: /1,025; 1,025 White w/ Green Swirl
sixth press: /1,648; 910 White w/ Red Swirl, 214 Clear with black splatter (tour press), 524 Brown (Newbury Comics Exclusive)
seventh press: /1,000; 1,000 Yellow
eighth press: /1,021; 1,021 Clear w/ Black Smoke


Whenever, If Ever is the band's debut full length. After two EPs and a split it was about time! Recorded by Ryan Stack at Format Audio and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios, this record features ten absolutely fantastic tracks that we cannot stop listening to.

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TSR082. Released June 18, 2013    

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