Cut Teeth Night Years



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Track List:

  1. The National Throat
  2. Sea of Id
  3. Christmas on Easter Island
  4. Between Death & Taxes
  5. Rehearsal Dojo
  6. Night Years
  7. Gunshots or Fireworks
  8. Laud-Mouth
  9. King of the Mountain; A Romance Novel
  10. Ashtray Sonata

Pressing Info:

first press: /1037; 109 Glow in the dark , 609 Electric Blue, 319 Black & Red (20 test presses)


On January 18th, 2014 Cut Teeth went to Bricktop Studios with Pete Grossman to begin will be tracking bass and drums for Night Years. They then recorded everything else with drummer/engineer Matt Jordan (Stay Ahead of the Weather, You Blew It!) at his studio in Crystal Lake, IL and Jay Maas at Getaway Recording (Defeater) mastered the album. Artwork was done by the talented Les Herman.

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TSR114. Released October 28 2014    

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