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Accidents happen. Especially when you're dealing with thousands of albums and have moved as much as we have. Stuff's gonna get damaged. We've stockpiled all of these albums over time and now we've gotta do something with them all! Fortunately enough for you, the damage is all cosmetic—some copies, you won't even be able to tell what's damaged about it without close inspection. These are albums that we can't sell at full price at retail because of a dinged corner, a bend or tear on a die-cut jacket, in some cases the album is missing an insert, in one case, there is no jacket even—but all have the same great audio quality.

We've inventoried what we have and decided to keep this limited to 50. Every order will receive 2-3 non-damaged records and/or 2-3 "damaged" records for five total. We have a limited number of 7" records as well, but will limit them to one per order, if at all.

So to our loyal fans, we offer you 5 records (of our choosing) for $25, plus shipping.

Limited to one order per customer (if you buy more than one, you will be refunded for any additional purchases and sent just the one).

Please email us if you have any questions!


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