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MNWA (Mischa)


MИЩa is a three piece d.i.y. emo-violence/screamo band from Hagerstown/Walkersville, MD. They are the most screamo band that has ever existed.

Formed in October 2008 as a two-piece, MИЩa began as a side-project of Hagerstown screamo band Vikings!. They recorded a 5-song demo (which was never released) and played two shows before adding vocalist Alex Kauffman. They have been compared to Palatka and Deers among others. They don't give a fuck.

MИЩa is a Bulgarian pet name for a bear. It is pronounced (“mee-sh-uh”, like Mischa Barton) and, in English script, is properly written “miischa”.


Alex Kaufmann
James Farnum
Robert Hansen


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