Prawn / Joie de Vivre Split


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Track List:

  1. Martin Park
  2. Tenstopet
  3. Good Morning Mr. Franklin
  4. Why You Always Leave a Note
  5. Fracture

Pressing Info:

Clear Brown (CYLS), Red (TSR), Silver (BOTH)


Heading up side A with 3 new tracks, Joie de Vivre's songs were recorded and mixed by Mark Gustafson at MIA Studios in Rockford, IL. The B-side features 2 new songs from Prawn, which were recorded at their home studio in Ridgewood, NJ and mastered by Dave Downham (Up, Up, Down, Down, Into It. Over It.) from Gradwell House. This is a split release with our dear friends Count Your Lucky Stars.

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TSR091. Released February 11, 2014    

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