mouse on the keys Out of Body


mouse on the keys are well-known for blurring genres and Out of Body is no exception, traversing dark and avant-garde electronica, minimalist neo-classical, whilst continuing to develop on their math-rock tendencies with rapid-fire time signature changes, angular rhythms and melodic yet frenetic piano work. This record sees mouse on the keys take a darker turn and carries a more sombre atmosphere than that of previous releases, as each track is centered on the macabre theme of near-death experiences.

Out of Body is as dark as it is beautiful and its seamless transmutation between styles and genres is something that mouse on the keys become more confident on with every release. Out of Body is a journey through the band's emotional and mental condition on both dark and incredibly touching subjects, which evokes feelings of empathy and also attainment. This is a record that requires attention and concentration, and is one that rewards you more and more with every listen.

Speaking on the concept behind this record, Akira Kawasaki said, “After the disaster of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in 2011 and through my experience of suffering from asymptomatic brain infarction, I came to feel death familiar. I have been influenced by the book ‘Near-death experience’ by a Japanese journalist Takashi Tachibana and the documentary TV program about it.”

Standard matte album cover detailing a torn photo of lovers which has been placed back together in black/gray color scaling.

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Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Earache
  3. Dark Lights
  4. Afterglow
  5. Elegie
  6. Out of Body
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