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an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways i illustration by Madeline Dowd of Crisman.

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What sounds at first like free-spirited chaos settles into a strange rhythm, like three different heartbeats that just happen to intertwine snugly.

A hooky, riff-littered song about the shittiness of modern architecture? Sign me up.

-Inbox Infinity
[...] a brave record - as much for its ability to give a voice to feelings of spiritual emptiness and dejection as for its willingness to turn its face towards the sun and find hope on the horizon despite it.


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the album art for Dog Bless by Gulfer


Dog Bless

At the intersection of punk and math rock, you'll find four French weirdos from Montreal, Canada. Dog Bless finds them building upon their established recipe of gruff vocals, driving—but intricate—rhythms, and bright, noodly melodies. The result is a cohesive listen that ebbs and flows over twelve dynamic tracks. Order on digital vinyl cassette

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For Long Tomorrow

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