A birthday cake with the Topshelf Records logo that our friend Kelly made us for our first birthday.


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Topshelf Records
2145 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Portland, OR 97212


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General inquiry:
Sync / Licensing / Accounting: Seth Decoteau (he/him)
A&R / Production / Marketing: Kevin Duquette (he/him)
Design / Content: Sarah Alvarez (they/them)
Label Management / Digital: Will Osiecki (he/him)
Press: Tyler Andere (he/him)
Mail order: All hands on deck help@topshelfrecords.com
Kevin and Seth, who founded Topshelf Records in 2006, wearing the same My Heart to Joy band t-shirt back in 2009.


Digital & Physical (Worldwide)

Redeye Worldwide
505 Eno St
Hillsborough, NC 27278
redeyeworldwide.com | p: (877) 733.3931

  • Australia: Planet / MGM
  • Benelux: V2 / Bertus
  • France: Bertus France
  • Germany, Austria, Switzerland: H'ART
  • Italy: Audioglobe
  • Japan: Disc Union, BBQ, Ultra Vybe, and more!
  • New Zealand: Southbound
  • Scandinavia: Border
  • Spain: Popstock
  • UK: Proper
Kevin's old van (his first vehicle) we used to drive around the country selling compilation CDs out of.

Additional Info

The LITE and Elephant Gym tour crew posing in front of a statue of Lemmy from Motörhead


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