P.O.C (Proof of Concept)


“This record is a representation of everything that has led me to this point. It’s been a long, bizarre path,” says Zenizen’s Opal Hoyt of both her life and her journey to make this record. P.O.C is a record that blooms in beauty over time—the kind of record that you can take anywhere in any season, as any version of yourself. more info→

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Elephant Gym


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Elephant Gym - Dreams

The 12 songs that constitute Dreams, the third full-length from the Taiwanese trio Elephant Gym, explore the deep spacetime continuum that consciousness cannot capture. Beyond the trio’s staple instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drumset, Dreams blends in wind instruments, traditional drums, and Taiwanese narrative. more info →

On music discovery:

When writing about a song or album, the convention is to use the present tense. A piece of music, although representative of and influenced by the era in which it was created, is ultimately always experienced in ~the present~. We built this website while pondering ways that we could, at every turn, focus on discovery by bringing music we released years ago relevantly back into the present, challenging how we collectively talk and think about “new” music. Discovering new music is exciting, but so is discovering music that’s simply

new to you.

It’s our hope that you'll enjoy digitally crate digging through this online home of ours, finding and connecting with the 250+ albums we’ve released with 140+ artists from all around the world over the last 16 years. Directly below are a few of our favorites to get you started.

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i illustration by Dylan England of Del Paxton.
t   Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling


Mid-Air Thief
Alfred. - Like You!!

Like You!!

o Thanya Iyer - Do You Dream? Mixtape

Do You Dream? Mixtape

Thanya Iyer
p   Really From - Verse


Really From
Wild Ones - Heatwave


Wild Ones
s DANGERS - The Bend in the Break

The Bend in the Break

h e Ratboys - Printer's Devil

Printer's Devil

l   addy - Eclipse


toe - For Long Tomorrow

For Long Tomorrow

f   Crisman - S/T


Mal Devisa is the songwriting, liberation, and poetry project of multifarious artist Deja Carr. Starting in 2014 and breaking through with 2016’s Kiid, Mal Devisa’s work spans a selfmade spectrum of sound from gravitic, soulful rock to soliloquy to unabashed hip hop. more info →


Next of Kin

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There is an immediate and palpable sense of joy that jumps out from Next of Kin, the fifth full-length album from bedroom recording project Bellows. But the record is steeped equally in loss: loss of family, beloved dogs, friendships, romantic love, and most of all loss of selfhood. Backwardly inspired by the wealth of loss, Next of Kin sees songwriter Oliver Kalb discovering a renewed sense of appreciation for life in the face of hardship, freshly emboldened to move through the world with a loosened grip on life. more info →


Mid-Air Thief

Gongjoong Doduk

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The pre-cursor to Mid-Air Thief's cult-acclaimed album Crumbling, Gongjoong Doduk exhibits a distinct universality, merging disparate sounds and styles into a cohesive, electronic-infused folk amalgam that tactfully blurs the lines between organic and synthetic. Listeners are led through enrapturing passages of swirling melodies underscored with eloquent plucks, strums, and bursts of bubbly glitches. Individual phrases drift into one another as if in a dream, cohered by entrancing hooks and vocal soundscapes. Gongjoong Doduk is a compelling accomplishment of both composition and production, bending as it does to its unique contours of consonance and dissonance, always resolving to a place of calm and beauty. more info →


Record Setter / Home Is Where

dissection lesson

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Already a fan of Record Setter and heading in a heavier direction, it was an easy choice for Home Is Where to decide on doing a split release with the Denton, TX-based hardcore band. “[We] wanted to make something unabashedly trans. Two trans bands. Songs about trans issues. Cover by a trans artist. We wanted to make something for the girls to pop off to,” explains Home Is Where’s Brandon MacDonald of dissection lesson’s genesis. more info →


Zenizen // the debut full-length 'P.O.C' is out now!


Zenzen’s debut full-length P.O.C (Proof of Concept) is out today! woo! This one’s been in the works for awhile, and we’re so stoked to finally share this brilliant album with you. All 12 tracks of far-reaching pop R&B grooves. Go listen to it in the sun today :-) read more →


Thanya Iyer // announcing the new EP 'rest' 🛋

Thanya Iyer invites us to examine our relationship with rest, step outside our comfort zones, and explore the art of mindful intention in her new EP. rest is out August 24 ~ you can hear the first single “leave the room and face the waves” now! read more →


Ratboys July shows + re-presses!


The Rats are playing their final gigs of the summer – and their last shows for awhile – this month! We've also got three new re-presses of their first three records. read more →


bad summer inspiration // a cool original playlist

cool original

Nathan Tucker, the voice behind cool original, put together a playlist of 30 tracks that inspired the new album outtakes from “bad summer”. It’s a tracklist of absolute TUNES (much like the album itself). read more →


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