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Subsonic Eye
Melt the Wax


On Subsonic Eye’s Melt the Wax, the Singaporean five-piece present a concise collection of their richly layered, quick-paced indie-pop. Over three songs which explore singer Nur Wahidah’s upbringing, Melt the Wax boasts Subsonic Eye’s penchant for snappy, invigorating pop-rock songs jangling with clarity and entrancing tone. more info→

3 tracks

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Air Guitar

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Sobs - Air Guitar Dedicated to the power of pop music, Sobs are Singapore’s premier indiepop propagandists. A thirty-minute trip for the post-Internet consumer, Air Guitar calibrates inventive pop hooks for the indie rock lover, instantly accessible yet intricately arranged. more info →

On music discovery:

When writing about a song or album, the convention is to use the present tense. A piece of music, although representative of and influenced by the era in which it was created, is ultimately always experienced in ~the present~. We built this website while pondering ways that we could, at every turn, focus on discovery by bringing music we released years ago relevantly back into the present, challenging how we collectively talk and think about “new” music. Discovering new music is exciting, but so is discovering music that’s simply

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It’s our hope that you'll enjoy digitally crate digging through this online home of ours, finding and connecting with the 250+ albums we’ve released with 140+ artists from all around the world over the last 16 years. Directly below are a few of our favorites to get you started.

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i illustration by Dylan England of Del Paxton.
t   toe - For Long Tomorrow

For Long Tomorrow

Knifeplay - Animal Drowning

Animal Drowning

o Weatherday - Come in

Come in

p   Gulfer - S/T


A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Pono


A Great Big Pile of Leaves
s Record Setter - I Owe You Nothing

I Owe You Nothing

Record Setter
h e Sweet Pill - Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

Sweet Pill
l   Ratboys - Happy Birthday, Ratboy

Happy Birthday, Ratboy

Elephant Gym - Dreams


Elephant Gym
f   Mid-Air Thief - Crumbling


Mid-Air Thief
Mal Devisa is the songwriting, liberation, and poetry project of multifarious artist Deja Carr. Starting in 2014 and breaking through with 2016’s Kiid, Mal Devisa’s work spans a selfmade spectrum of sound from gravitic, soulful rock to soliloquy to unabashed hip hop. more info →

Sweet Pill

Where the Heart Is

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Philadelphia’s Sweet Pill write eruptive emo songs that embrace the edges of pop and hardcore. The kind of band whose members are fully immersed in their local scene, the quintet’s sound takes wide-spectrum influence from its environment. The result is a mix of complex song structures and flourishes of technical acumen, wholly unconcerned with genre, yet evoking the specific styles of touchstones such as Paramore and Circa Survive. more info →


They Are Gutting a Body of Water / A Country Western

An Insult to the Sport

/ cassette
/ digital
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An Insult to the Sport is a split offering from the genre-defiant groups They are Gutting a Body of Water and A Country Western. Elements of breakcore, shoegaze, and obtuse slacker rock find home on An Insult, at times with no bridge at all between the disparate styles. On paper, the combination of styles may read as cacophonous or incompatible, but the end result is instead a measured contrast of sounds, a reflection of the inescapable influence of our chaotic time and the groups’ environments. more info →


Thanya Iyer


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“rest is in many ways a reflection of myself, asking the question, 'who am I when it all stops?'” Being stuck at home indefinitely allowed Thanya to examine her relationship to rest on a more critical level. With this newfound downtime, she began to realize an active pursuit of rest, with deliberate and kind intention, eventually turning to back songwriting as part of her new practice. The resultant five songs that comprise rest explore Iyer’s mindful intentions through a graceful amalgam of tender pop with inflections of jazz, backed with orchestral experimentation. more info →


Parannoul // announcing: 'After the Magic'


We're so excited to finally share our partnership with Parannoul and announce the new record. 'After the Magic' will be released on 1/28 read more →


Knifeplay X TAGABOW // the TOUR


That’s right, Knifeplay and They Are Gutting a Body of Water are heading out on tour together. Sickest bands, sickest tour, sickest shoe, sickest gaze. read more →


No Vacation // West Coast Tour

No Vacation are heading up the West Coast on tour this February! read more →


Knifeplay // Audiotree Live


Knifeplay’s full Audiotree Live session is out now. 6 songs performed live. read more →


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