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A two-song digital EP from Us and Us Only. "My Mouth (Alternate)":
The driving idea behind “My Mouth” is change - a lot of it and all at once. When I had written the song, I wasn’t far removed from a time in my life where I was letting the overwhelming majority of my wellbeing be determined by someone else. Once it came time to move on from that, I spent months getting reacquainted with all of the joy, fear, and wonder that comes with figuring out who you are again. That translates to a new shade of worry that things won’t go right, happiness when things turn out well, and excitement when it lands somewhere in the middle.

 For the alternate version, we wanted it to be spooky, nearly Grouper-esque, especially in comparison to the album version. The goal was to feel like you’re listening to the song by pressing an ear to the wall of a room that no one ever enters.
"Veiled/Forming (White Wreath remix)":
“Veiled/Forming” was an exercise in reflection through mundane activity. The album deals a lot with boredom through this lens. I struggled with it when I felt held back (veiled, if you will) and then I tried to make sense of it when my decisions were back in my own hands and I didn’t know what to do with them yet (forming. Oh, you get the idea).

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Track List:

  1. My Mouth (Alternate)
  2. Veiled (White Wreath remix)
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