Alfred. Like You!!


Co-released with Citrus City Records, "Like You!!" is the deeply multifaceted debut album by Richmond, VA's Alfred. Its warbly bell tones, expertly chopped melodic samples, and slow-mo hip-hop grooves form the instrumental base for the darkgospel singer/rapper Aaron Brown.

While Like You!! only clocks in at eight total tracks, its various producers and guest collaborators lend a striking sonic diversity to the overall work. Jazzy yet supple Dilla-reminiscent cuts such as "Tales of a Queer Rapscallion" contrast starkly with those like "GAMES," where Alfred.'s signature darkgospel stylings shine through most expressly. The record's wide spectrum is further emboldened by the substance of Brown's lyricism and personal convictions, taking cues from their genuine curiosity with the world around them, and blending that with their grief, hurt, hopes, and joys.

Ultimately, Alfred. strives to maintain their fondness of personal connection, symbolized in their favorite line of the album, taken from the song "Like You! (Yes, You)": "My hobby is functioning with my posse and I know that I get weird and loud but somewhere deep, deep down I was just tryna be like you."

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Track List:

  1. Don't This (feat. Heja Rames)
  2. The Ointment
  3. Niggas Wish
  4. GloryHole
  5. Games
  6. Like You! (Yes, You)
  7. My Name
  8. Tales of a Queer Rapscallion
  9. (Bonus Track) 1000YRS (feat. Ty Sorrell & Rob Gibsun)
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