Lauded as one of 2009’s very best records by critics and fans alike, CSTVT’s amazing debut, Summer Fences, paid homage to the quartet’s influences—bands such as Chicago brethren Ghosts and Vodka, The Appleseed Cast, Small Brown Bike and The Casket Lottery—while never completely succumbing to the weight of those torchbearers’ important contributions to the scene they helped build. Shades of gorgeous, twinkly '90s Midwestern emo collided with a brawny-yet-brainy punk rock explosion and in the process, spawned something altogether exciting and new.

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Will McEvilly
Ron Petzke
Josh Snader
Nick Wakim

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“Perfect blend of all the greatest moments from the ’90s emo/indie/post-hardcore scenes.”
-Punknews.org (4.5/5)

“This may be the ballsiest band in punk rock today, because for some reason they’ve convinced themselves they can take on post-rock instrumentalists like American Football, Appleseed Cast and dare to blend it with Small Brown Bike or The Casket Lottery. There’s a fine line between courage and stupidity and Chicago’s Castevet manages, somehow beyond all probability, to stay between those tight confines all the way through.”

“It’s really easy: CHUCK RAGAN fronts AMERICAN FOOTBALL. If that doesn’t set you a-twitter, really, there’s not much that will.”

“Musically, Castevet paint a gorgeous landscape of angular melody and tuneful dynamics, this will bring to mind some of the classics like Texas Is The Reason, Minus The Bear or Mineral.”

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