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Really From  
p: Nick Surette, Elle DioGuardi, Madison Arrichiello


Drawing on influences of jazz improvisation, minimalist composition, and punk rock ethos, the Boston-based band Really From dismiss traditional genre and formulae in favor of explorative, indie rock amalgamations. Since 2014, their ever-evolving sound has incorporated stylistic touchstones from math rock to ambient, exploring themes of place, self, and culture through a dialect entirely their own. Michi Tassey (keys, synth bass) and Chris Lee-Rodriguez (guitar) exchange vocal leads regularly, shifting perspectives and ranges as their songs cascade through varied musical worlds, refracting their thematic questions concerned with intergenerational trauma, tokenism, and immigrant parenthood. Trumpeter Matt Hull and drummer Sander Bryce often take on lead voices of their own, further reconfiguring traditional notions of genre and songwriting.

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  • Chris Lee-Rodriguez (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Michi Tassey (Keys, Vocals)
  • Sander Bryce (Drums)
  • Matt Hull (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)

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"Fusing bookish indie jazz with emo and math rock, the Boston quartet explores the complications of identity while dismantling stale indie-rock paradigms."
-Pitchfork on "Really From S/T"

"[T]he boldest and most coherent expression of their diverse cultural and musical backgrounds."
-Stereogum: Band to Watch

"Tender but never timid, elegant but still forceful."

"It’s almost impossible to innovate in our post-genre world, but it’s also hard to find another band on Really From’s wavelength."

"[A] fusion of jazz musicianship, emo spirit, and indie-pop tunefulness so coherent that even the ugly parts are beautiful in their precision."
-Pitchfork on "Verse"

"Ska in a state of meditation."
-The Basement Couch

"[G]ripping, immediate, and concise.... genuinely unique."
-Brooklyn Vegan

"Really From’s self-titled album blows up the superficial subtext and opts for the broadest, most soul-searching interpretation. It’s a rebuttal to the most presumptuous version of the question, but it also offers Lee-Rodriguez and Tassey’s deeply personal reflections on the ways culture, family, trauma and others’ expectations all come together to shape identity. Songs are anchored by ideas of physical place (“Apartment Song,” “The House,” “I Live Here Now”) but they’re more interested in mapping precise emotions.

"The band’s third, self-titled LP brims with personality – not just thanks to its honest and searing exploration of cultural identity, but also because the group harnesses the spirit of collaboration in ways that bring out rich and distinct flavours while maintaining an overall sense of fluidity."
-Our Culture

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