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Run, WALK! could be the loudest band you’ll hear this year. They are also one of the most promising. In a crank it up as far as it will go, you’re either with us or against us kind of way. Matthew Pickering-Copley (bass, vocals) and Tom Clements (drums) have been battering UK and European audiences with their bass-led artrock for several years. They couple distortion, feedback and a megaton of low-end crunch with sharp hooks and stop-start rhythms. This is equal parts cerebral and fun rock and roll made by musicians barely old enough to order drinks at the bar. Back in their home country, the Run, WALK! boys have established themselves as frontrunners of the underground music scene. They formed as teenagers in the southern city of Winchester, UK. It wasn't long until they were snapped up by hip hardcore label Holy Roar (Gallows, Rolo Tomassi, The Ghost of a Thousand). Shortly afterwards they released the seven-track EP I Hope This All Works Out So I Can Stop Standing on Even Amounts of Manholes in the Street to critical acclaim. Reviewers praised their musical eclecticism and unrelenting execution, likening them to a young Lightning Bolt. Less than six months later they released an instrumental four-track, shortly followed by the free download PEEKAY. These guys are noisy. Like, NOISY noisy. They take no prisoners. All they want is to batter your ear drums and have a good time. Best get on board.

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“They’re fucking exciting.”
-Drowned In Sound (7/10)

“Expect this pair to follow Rolo Tomassi into the hearts of those who love music best when its completely off the wall.”
-Kerrang (4/5)

“run,WALK! are the type of band that cause car crashes. They refine chaos: songs like Trees Are Raw shouldn’t be so catchy and addictive, and that’s terribly distracting. They make such a brilliant noise that attempting to concentrate on anything else is futile.”
-Rocksound (8/10)

“run,WALK! stand in a unique position in today’s post hardcore landscape. while effortlessly sliding in a group hug with the likes of Shellac, Fugazi et al, they maintain a scuffed-up British mentality. Wielding a grasp of dynamic songwriting not unlike fellow angular travelers Bloc Party, it sounds so much more thrilling married to the tradition of balls-out noise rock.”
-Rough Trade Records

“It’s almost as if they already know how to write straight forward rock songs and just bypassed that whole stage, finding the rawer and more daring excesses of the genre more to their liking.”
-Drowned In Sound (8/10)

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