Sirs is a four-piece punk band from upstate New York. Formed in 2009 after meeting at school, original members consisted of Justin Jurgens, Dave Benton, Kyle Seely and Hart Seely. They released a six-song EP Vas Deferens in may of 2010. After a summer tour, Dave left the band and was soon succeeded by Mike Caridi. They then released a split 7” in December 2010 with Chalk Talk and their first Topshelf release in 2011 with run, WALK! (Holy Roar Records). They are anticipating their firs full-length release in July 2012. Primary musical influences include The Band, Anti-Nowhere League and Electric Light Orchestra.


Justin Jurgens
Kyle Seely
Hart Seely
Mike Caridi



“Sirs are a revelation.”
-Sonic Shocks

“When a group list their influences as The Band, Anti-Nowhere League and Electric Light Orchestra you know you’re either in for something special or they’re really taking the piss. Fortunately Sirs fall into the first category, bringing an assault of dissonant chords and unbridled passion.”
-Dawn of the Deaf

The six pogoing songs that fill Vas Deferens, the debut EP from Sirs, pop and explode. Unlike most of the other acts on this list, Sirs simply crank their amps to 11 and make nearly every second a high-velocity affair. Even during the moments when things seem quiet, it’s just the eye of the storm, and their bouncy, angular aural onslaught fits their voice just fine.”
-Washington City Paper

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