Suis La Lune


Suis La Lune are one of those screamo bands from abroad that are so good, you associate them with the likes of Raein, La Quiete or DaÏtro. The thing is, they’re not from Italy. They’ve actually been kicking it since 2005 around Sweden, more specifically in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Even so, they’ve played more than 80% of their shows outside of the country, spending their time instead on a handful of tours in the UK and the east coast (the boys have a sweet spot for Baltimore). Their discography swelled as a result and includes: several tour 7”s, splits, a self-titled release as well as Quiet, Pull the Strings! LP and 2008’s Heir. Touring with new labelmates Pianos Become the Teeth in April 2011 was where they hit their stride, however. Suis La Lune’s traditional screamo sound paired with Pianos’ brand of hardcore made for a perfect match on tour—a relationship we’re happy to bring to the label as of January 2012.

(Bio by Elise Granata.)


Henning Runolf
Andreas Olerås
Karl Sladö
Daniel Pettersson



“From spastic to melodic, from a whispery acoustic intro to a riff one can only describe as a “wall of sound,” Suis La Lune prove to the listener that their penchant for a different style is easily backed up by their technical prowess and creative song-writing.”
-Sputnik Music (on Heir EP)

“...a definite recommendation if you like the more melodic emo coming out these days.”
-Collective Zine

“Suis La Lune seem to be right at home among their peers, yet they simultaneously transcend the genre to which they belong.”
-Sputnik Music (on Quiet, Pull The Strings!)

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