Alfred. // New EP "One Trick Pony" & video for "PRNDL/DR. CALL"

Today marks the release of the latest and greatest EP from our very own Alfred. While frustration is inherent to Alfred.'s life and creative output, they're careful not to make it the sole focus of their work. Rather than play into others’ expectations, Alfred. opts for imaginative self-storytelling and twisted streams of wordplay consciousness, set to longtime collaborator clwdwlkr's immaculately produced beats and wavescapes. On One Trick Pony, Alfred. covers a striking breadth of styles across a mere six songs, dancing between dark gospel, Dilla-inflected sampling, and hypnotic bops. You can find these tracks now digitally and on cassette.

One Trick Pony comes paired with a stunning, ecstatic music video for track 04 "PRNDL/DR. CALL". On the video, Alfred. had this to say:

"Self-expression through several mediums is a reminder that art is the tool guiding our innards to fill a space/time. Connor is a friend who pushes and challenges me to creatively hold onto my zeal with reserve and tenderness. I’m fascinated by the world they’ve built through photography by freezing a small universe in time. Truthfully, I fear holing myself into old frames of mind moving forward on my journey of radical self-expression. Connor facilitates the stillness of this world through bleak skies and through the dances of our environments — it melts around the heat of acquiesced chaos and together we relish in an air of suspense and poise. Dealing with chronic eczema makes sharing my body as a queer artist a tricky territory (one of several reasons) —— it’s as if I should know how to celebrate myself in a world that moves around me like I am an eyesore. I shy away from physical vulnerability in my work or centering it around the body. Using myself as a picture frame through small, organized movement informs me that my body works as a cloak, as a weapon, as a presence, as several things that I fail to rejoice in. This work encourages me to embrace the roundness in my face and the boldest parts of my shadows. To be captured dancing like Death in the valley, to lounge as a scarecrow of the field, to be seethe in the red echo chamber of my imagination, to softly gaze over moving water all feel so very familiar. I feel carefully placed in a sequence of memories and dreams, I’m thankful for this shared experience."

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