Record Setter // The Best Little Disc Golf in Texas

Welcome to the first installation of the Record Setter adventure vlog series, where the beloved band goes off into the world to have fun, and takes us along for the ride (both figuratively and literally, theme park vlogs coming soon). First up we get a long-sought after session of disc golf that had me cracking up from start to finish.

This video prominently features the comedic and sartorially stylings of the band, and while I can't sell you their sense of humor, I can sell you the hat and tote on display.

The band has been keeping busy following their November release of I Owe You Nothing, with a music video in the works (teased here), a killer Audiotree session, a new solo EP from Judy as small pictures, and interviews on Fly on the Call + the E Word Podcast for all curious listeners to catch up on.

Additionally, in the real world, Record Setter played their first show since the beginning of the pandemic on Friday the 13th!


I stole this photo from twitter, here is the link.

Thanks for reading + watching, we all sincerely hope you enjoy this and future vlogs from Record Setter (•◡•) /

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