Record Setter & Home Is Where do a split!

2 legendary bands, 4 songs, 1 split. Record Setter and Home Is Where's dissection lesson is out everywhere now, featuring two bangers from each band.

“[We] wanted to make something unabashedly trans. Two trans bands. Songs about trans issues. Cover by a trans artist. We wanted to make something for the girls to pop off to,”
-Brandon MacDonald, Home Is Where
On Record Setter's half, the band expands on their signature mix of screamo- and hardcore-indebted style. “a world without you”, is an anti-police song that pushes back against state violence and abuse of power. Between lyrics that cleverly mock pro-police “bad apple” arguments and a searing breakdown that closes the song, “a world without you” is an unashamed statement against violent authority.“plain english” speaks to frontwoman Judy's experiences living under such authority as a trans woman, and her navigations through transition and depression. Over harsh, lethargic verses with clean guitar counterpoint, she hoarsely reassures herself that she need not self-shame for depressive ruts and the non-linear path of transition.
"the collaboration of the decade"
-Judy Mitchell, Record Setter

On the Home Is Where side, “names” attempts to uplift trans women from this violence they routinely face. Written in 2021, the year with the highest recorded number of trans women murdered or assaulted, “names” bites back at this transphobic cruelty with a grinding, thrashed verse led by Brandon’s justifiably guttural screams.

The second Home Is Where track, "creationish", featuring SOUL GLO's Pierce Jordan, is a slow-burning, punishing screed against joining the US military. Odious violin and horn features from Christiana Patterson and Wes Meadows further underscore the evils of US imperialism, lending a sinister atmosphere to the song.

Record Setter put out a music video for each of their tracks, "a world without you" and "plain english"! Go give them a watch:

The split is available on these super sick 24k gold cassettes! They're limited edition ~ once they're gone, they're gone forever. Pick one up on Bandcamp or here in our web store.

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