The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die Formlessness


Kevin’s pick: Listening to this EP closes the gap of time and space that has since transpired since releasing it, transporting me back into a basement in New England somewhere. Shoulder to shoulder with friends and strangers and soon-to-be-friends, all yelling along together in youthful exuberance. Released in early 2011 and taking some not-so-obvious cues from the likes of trail blazers like Sunny Day Real Estate or American Football, Formlessness plays like every record we love — but never quite just ONE in particular — and that's our favorite part about it. The band has grabbed hold of classic moments like the more spastic buildups on a Kickball record or even the quieter lulls of Slint's Spiderland in an entirely fresh and down-right invigorating direction.

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Track List:

  1. Victim Kin Seek Suit
  2. Gordon Paul
  3. Walnut Street is Dead (Long Live Walnut Street)
  4. Eyjafjallajokull Dance
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