Chamberlain The Moon My Saddle


Chamberlain's The Moon My Saddle was originally released by Doghouse Records in 1998 and we couldn't be more happy to be reissuing this amazing record as a double LP. Featuring 3 bonus tracks The Moon My Saddle will come with a download card for all 14 tracks.

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Track List:

  1. Try For Thunder
  2. Crush You
  3. World Don't Want Us
  4. Stars In the Streetlight
  5. Mountain of a Heart
  6. Racing Cincinnati
  7. Manhattan's Iron Horses (The Last Train Out)
  8. Lonesome Song
  9. Good Enough
  10. Until the Day Burns Down
  11. Last to Know
  12. Racing Cincinnati (Echo Park demo)
  13. The South Has Spoiled Me (Echo Park demo)
  14. Try For Thunder (live at The Wiltern)
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