Weatherbox The Cosmic Drama


Originally released on Doghouse Records, the reissue will feature fully remastered audio with bonus tracks and an unreleased version of "They're Ready For Us To Come Home".

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Track List:

  1. That Mann
  2. King Friend (The Showing of The Instruments)
  3. They’re Ready For Us To Come Home (2014 BAND VERSION aka Version 3)
  4. This Space Intentionally Left Blank
  5. Mind Things To W.A.S.T.E
  6. YouTube the Clouds (Anything That Flies)
  7. …And You Will Know Me By The Trail of Dead
  8. Two Satchels of Light
  9. I Haven’t Kissed a Guy in Lightyears
  10. Ask My Flashlight
  11. Contactus, The Little Green Man
  12. Don’t Say Nice Things
  13. No Hands (Anything That Moves)
  14. They’re Ready For Us To Come Home (original album version)
  15. I’m Ready For You To Come Back
  16. Is Nice
  17. The Seven Different Levels of Devil Worshipping
  18. That M.A.D.D
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