The Velvet Teen All Is Illusory


The Velvet Teen are easily one of our favorite bands and as long-time followers of their music, this album has us the most excited of any to date — it's an incredibly dynamic album and the perfect culmination of everything this band is truly great at (which, frankly, is a lot). All Is Illusory marks the band’s fourth album and is the long-awaited and elegant follow-up to 2006’s Cum Laude! that was recorded and co-produced by Steve Choi (Rx Bandits, Peace'd Out) and Roger Camero (No Motiv, Peace'd Out). From its gorgeous, swirling electronics to its harder, angular, ‘90s-leaning flourishes of grunge, indie and emo, All Is Illusory is a welcome return for a band whose varied influences are still very much intact after its short silence. A double LP packaged inside of a gatefold LP jacket with a metallic silver undercoat. If you're a fan of bands on our roster like toe, Enemies, Braid, Crash of Rhinos and Prawn, then (and I can't convey this enough) you're going to love this band and this album.

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Track List:

  1. Sonreo
  2. Eclipses
  3. Manifest
  4. Pecos
  5. All Is Illusory
  6. The Giving In
  7. Church or State
  8. Taken Over
  9. You Were the First
  10. The Veil Between
  11. Gtra
  12. Church or State Demo
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