CLIQUE Burden Piece


Burden Piece was produced by Travis Arterburn at The Headroom in Philadelphia, PA over 8 days in November, 2015 and perfectly hits that spot in the middle of your chest with warm showers of twinkling guitar, calming vocals and languid riffs throughout.

For fans of: Braid, Dikembe. Includes jacket-sized poster of band sitting on bench in a park, with band and album name, on the backside of lyric page. Overlay piece on cover featuring artwork by Dave Sampson and photography by Craig Sheihing.

Pressing Info:

first press:
/263 - Clear w/ Black Swirl
/159 - Black
/112 - Tan
20 test presses

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Track List:

  1. Worth
  2. Top Field
  3. Mess
  4. Usage
  5. Boundaries
  6. Athlet
  7. Crater
  8. Quappy
  9. Wishful Thinking
  10. Separate
  11. Saline
  12. Mutual
  13. Kelly
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