Record Setter Purge


Intricate guitar work, insistent hooks, and a vocal and lyrical conviction that worm their way throughout the album, Purge finds Record Setter making space to thrive in the cracks between screams and gentle whispers. The record’s centerpiece, the back-to-back emotional annihilation of “We Let Our Youth Fail Beautifully” and “Multiple Attempts at the Same Thing,” sparkles with crisp and technical guitar work, staccato bursts of bass noise, and an effortlessly smooth dichotomy between soft and loud dynamics that defies traditional hardcore songwriting sensibilities.

Pressing Info:

first press:

  • /100 - Green & Pink Galaxy
  • /160 - 180g Black
  • /257 - Opaque Pink

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Track List:

  1. A Realization
  2. Wishing Your Life Away
  3. We Let Our Youth Fail Beautifully
  4. Multiple Attempts at the Same Thing
  5. Losing Hope
  6. Talking To Yourself Shouldn't Be An Argument
  7. Purge
  8. If You've Ever Wondered
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