Duck. Little Brother, Duck! Don't Take Our Filth Away



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Track List:

  1. 32 Seconds
  2. Everybody Loves Screamo
  3. If I Didn't Have My Press Badge
  4. I Might Have Been Deported
  5. OMGMT
  6. Flashes of Quincy
  7. I'm Just Happy To Be Around So Many Docks
  8. Calvin Young
  9. JYRNX
  10. Anarchy Will Make You Pay Five Dollars At The Door

Pressing Info:

first press: /500; 100 Clear w/ Black Splatter, 150 White and purple marble, 250 Light Blue Marble (20 test presses)


Two years later, Duck. Little Brother, Duck! have done it again. Don't Take Our Filth Away is the mind-scrambling follow-up LP to their first release Survival Is Not A Workout. This record was self-recorded and mastered by Carl Saff.

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TSR062. Released July 3, 2012    

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