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You Blew It! The Past In Present LP


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This is the record that got us to pay attention to You Blew It!. Not because it's a great record (it's not). The Past In Present is riddled with imperfections and quirkiness throughout. There are truly great moments on this album, while others stumble and fall just short — the markings of a band that knew what they wanted to do, but wasn't quite there yet (they'll be there in early 2014, though, I assure you). Mostly, this record is special because it captures a snapshot of the early stages of a promising band's missteps and triumphs over the course of a heart-on-sleeve album. It's altogether endearing and youthful. It's You Blew It!.

The original artwork was made for CD and frankly, was really, really pixelated even at that size. Realizing this wouldn't work for a 12" LP, we enlisted the help of long-time goto art guy, Ben Sears. The result is an homage to the original with Ben's trademark touch. He's also done the rest of the album layout as well.

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Track List:

  1. Hope Its Not a Deposit Bottle
  2. Kevin You're Such A Disease
  3. Sneaky Fucking Russian
  4. Instrumental
  5. Saddle Up Sanantonio
  6. LB Jefferies
  7. Tothemoon
  8. Sorry About That
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