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Boy Rex Better Vision



After cutting his teeth in the long-dormant screamo outfits Merchant Ships and William Bonney, Jack Senff migrated to the Pacific Northwest to record The Bloodmonths, a lush, vulnerable exploration of his mental forest. Anchored by trumpet lines laid down by his father, his debut as Boy Rex exposed a writer as descriptive as he was inward-facing. As The Bloodmonths’ follow-up and the project’s proper debut album, Better Vision flourishes in a change of scenery to approach human nature from a bolder, fully realized angle. Senff takes listeners to a different woods, one inhabited by oracles and psychics, passing time and aging. Senff’s metaphysical portraits — like the world painted on “Fortune Tellers” and the post-rock flirtation “Hey Moonlight” — get colored by full-band muscle (including his father’s trumpet) and Matt Riefler’s peerless, crystalline production, breathing universal life into these artful scenes. Chronicling the past year of his life and the uncertainty of what’s beyond them, Boy Rex’s first LP functions as a lens into Senff’s internal happenings and external surroundings. His sight can only improve from here. Released on Near Mint Records.

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