Field Mouse Meaning


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Track List:

  1. Meaning
  2. Heart of Gold
  3. In Blue
  4. Skygazing
  5. Black Hole, Son
  6. White Elephant
  7. Visitors
  8. Apocalypse Whenever
  9. Birthday Song
  10. Plague No. 8
  11. Blind Spot

Pressing Info:

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/250 - Coke Bottle Clear
/150 - 180g Black
/100 - Transparent Yellow


"A lot has happened in the three years since our last record came out. While there is far too much to say about it all in one place, we wrote this album anyway. What are the broad strokes, you ask? It's more or less about the end of the world and all of the ways that it seems to be happening, but also about making peace with former selves and growing as a person despite the feeling of global entropy. Also: strange internet versions of our friends and selves, bouts of insomnia and picking through the dreams that followed, the importance of forgiveness, and creating meaning in a world that increasingly feels like total chaos. What is the function of art in a place like this? Is anything we make going to last? I am not sure, but here are 11 songs looking for the answer. What I do know is that art connects us to each other and to our feelings and our selves. It is a liferaft, and I hope that we can all continue to put it into the world, appreciate it, and share it indefinitely." -Rachel Browne, Field Mouse

Meaning is the third full length album by the Brooklyn- and Philly-based indie rock group Field Mouse. While listeners have previously described Field Mouse's sound as something akin to a shoegazey dream pop, Meaning marks a decided turn to less obscured realms, perhaps more simply described by terms such as rock and roll or pop.

In that vein, lead single "Heart of Gold" boasts all the makings of a quintessential guitar-pop hit, opening the record with determined bombast and urgency. It features guitarist and lead singer Rachel Browne's diaphanous vocals mirrored by feverish yet nimble guitar hooks, creating an organic, deftly layered rock composition.

The album's other two singles, "In Blue" and "Black Hole, Son" indulge yet further in the band's pop proclivities, honed tirelessly over their 10 year-long existence. Their earwormy hooks and pristine production combine for raucous, undeniably vibrant pop honesty, occasionally contrasted with a distinct explosiveness. Overall, Field Mouse's Meaning is a forceful accomplishment of pop-rock songwriting, replete with infectious harmonies and its own unique voice.

“With a new album that feels like it’s the start of something bigger—bigger hooks, a bigger sound and Rachel Browne’s booming voice—Field Mouse are bounding towards indie rock stardom.” -Noisey, on Episodic

“[A] completely essential listen for anyone who likes music, period. If you don't love it, you do not deserve ears.” -DrunkenWerewolf, on Episodic

  • Produced by Andrew Futral, Rachel Browne & Kyle Gilbride
  • Engineered by Kyle Gilbride, Andrew Futral & Rachel Browne
  • Additional engineering by Mark Watter at Headroom & Evan Bernard at Big Mama's Recording
  • Mixed by Michael Eisenstein
  • Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
  • Photography by Katie Krulock
  • Layout by Kevin Duquette

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TSR203. Released August 16, 2018

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