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cool original another second, a whole lifetime



another second, a whole lifetime is the last in a series of expanded universe material from cool original, in honor of their recently released album outtakes from “bad summer”. another second opens with the downtempo “The Crying Hour”, a downcast pop number that expands on the spirit and style of cool original’s recently released album. “1-800-1-SECOND”, a rework of the album’s “i just need a second”, carries a similar pace, a lofi and subtly glitched alternate version that steadily adds elements both repurposed and new, before finally offering a moment of repose. The final track, “Stuck”, a cover of Alien Boy – known peers, collaborators, and friends to cool original – flips the original on its head and takes the shape of a longing summer anthem. Behind Sonia Weber’s introspective lyrics, “Stuck” features a sun-beckoning riff, the warmth of atmospheric synth, and upbeat percussion.

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Track List:

  1. The Crying Hour
  2. 1-800-1-SECOND
  3. Stuck (Alien Boy cover)
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