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Caravels Lacuna (2023 anniversary re-master)



Motivated by a recent mention in Brooklyn Vegan and the idea of giving new life to a mostly forgotten project, defunct Las Vegas group Caravels decided in early 2023 that their emotional, gripping debut LP Lacuna was worthy of a re-mix and re-master. Since 2013, the album has organically built up a cult classic status and has been considered a lost gem amongst close followers of the ever-evolving hardcore scene. The heart pounding rhythm section, sharp-cornered guitar riffs, and vocalist Mike Roeslein's brutally gorgeous scream-vocals still sound completely exhilarating ten years later.

The band also enlisted Great Grandpa's Dylan Hanwright to mix the album anew, resulting in a vastly cleaner, meatier mix that brings justice to the influential material played in basements across North America to emo revival fans in the early 2010s.

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Track List:

  1. Lacuna (2023 mix)
  2. Tangled (2023 mix)
  3. having Had and Lost Some Infinite Thing (2023 mix)
  4. New Zealand (2023 mix)
  5. Hundred Years (2023 mix)
  6. Twin (2023 mix)
  7. Hanging Off (2023 mix)
  8. Sleep Talk (2023 mix)
  9. Ordinary Lives (2023 mix)
  10. Dog Days (2023 mix)
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