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Led by the eponymous Adam Watkins, addy’s compositions navigate universal themes of friendship, heartbreak, and growth on the terrain of eloquent, country-reminiscent instrumentation. Natural ASMR-inducing textures and Casio-sequenced drum hooks create a unique rhythmic foundation for addy’s distinct lilt, itself occasionally adorned with honeysuckle-sweet pitch correction which lends the folkish twang an unusual yet modern slant.

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Adam Watkins
Taylor Noll
Kurt Bailey
Tim Peele

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It’s rare that an album can leave you speechless[...]maybe the power of Eclipse lies in its ability to be so damn honest, and transparently relatable.

[...] Eclipse doesn't prize answers, but exploration: of sound, of self, of nature, of experience.

Watkins’ style is a folky acoustic sort of thing, but he surrounds his voice with gooey synths, giving himself a homespun orchestral sort of grandeur. His music is pretty and chilled-out, but it’s not really lo-fi. It’s got more confidence than that.

A breathtaking alternative folk record full of light and introspection, addy’s stunning debut album ‘Eclipse’ moves us to slip into the depths of self for some much-needed self-discovery, reconnection, and renewal.
-Atwood Magazine

Atmospheric, folk-tinged indie pop
-Brooklyn Vegan

Their contemplative, moving material sounds simultaneously warm and intimate, and these organic and synthetic sounds contrast each other spectacularly, awash in Adam Watkins's sugary, quavering vocals.
-Gold Flake Paint

By taking tender care and lots of time, Adam Watkins has crafted a solid and consistent piece of work. It is the kind of album meant to be listened to through, and then played again.
-The Alternative

It swells; it blooms; layers of violin, pedal steel, and subtly pitch-shifted vocals bring an oddly orchestral feel to the proceedings.
-New Noise, on Eclipse

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