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Another Michael  
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Another Michael is a band that defies immediate classification. While they incorporate a wealth of stylistic touchstones, their uniqueness presents as a thoughtful amalgam of indie pop carried by crispy, subdued electronic percussion. The eponymous Michael Doherty nimbly lavishes and bolsters each song with an angelic, agile vocal style, occasionally harking back to early 2000s R&B. But the group’s crafty instrumentation and production sit center stage too, consistently driven by a diverse sound palette that flashes with a distinct compositional elegance.

Having just changed their homebase from Albany to Philadelphia, the freshly transplanted group is looking to make a new home for themselves. And it shouldn't be hard to fit in, with the group's influences ranging from (Sandy) Alex G to Ariana Grande to PC Music, a wide spectrum that lends itself to Another Michael's unique musical presence.

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Michael Doherty (acoustic guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Nick Sebastiano (beats, synth, bass, vocals)
Alenni Davis (electric guitar, keyboard, vocals)
Jacob Crofoot (electric guitar, vocals)

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The line between contrast and clumsiness is thin, but in just two EPs, Michael Doherty has already mastered the challenge of writing breathtakingly peaceful songs about feeling chronically anxious.
-The Collaborative Magazine

Clear-headed, stream-of-consciousness lyrics...fluid, piano-backend groove, in an ultra smooth R&B manner...a tight expansion of rhythm and ascending, uniting vocals.
-The Deli

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