Cut Teeth

Cut Teeth  
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The creed of Cut Teeth is a simple one: to be loud and be loud together. Dan Yingling, Kyle Johns, Matt Jordan and Dustin Currier held to it while writing together in Chicago in early 2011 when the combination of inheriting a practice space and taking a break from their other musical pursuits (The Red Knife Lottery, Monday’s Hero, The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead of the Weather) created a perfect storm of sorts. Televandalism was the result of this time. No releases come to mind from this scene today that are more loud and unashamedly riff-heavy than this groundbreaking debut EP. It is undoubtedly the most mature effort yet in their musical careers, and it has been enthusiastically received as such. As far as they’re concerned, the future won’t look too different.

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Dan Yingling
Kyle Johns
Matt Jordan
Dustin Currier

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“Bands just don’t make music like this anymore.”
-Mind Equals Blown

“For fans of angular riffs and texture, Cut Teeth sound like they belong in the back catalogs of the best of Jade Tree and Hydra Head.”
-Absolute Punk

“Televandalism is 20 minutes of forceful speak/scream vocals, steamrolling drums and guitars that don’t duel each other as much as tag-team the listener with elbow jabs in stereo.
-Alternative Press

"The creed of Cut Teeth is a simple one: to be loud and be loud together."
-Circuit Sweet

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