Ekko Astral

Ekko Astral  
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Ekko Astral is a bubblegum noise punk band from Washington DC composed of Jael Holzman (vocals and lyrics, guitar), Liam Hughes (lead guitar), Miri Tyler (drums), Guinevere Tully (bass), and Sam Elmore (rhythm guitar). Holzman formed the band in 2021 with Hughes, her best friend since college. After quickly becoming a fixture of their DIY scene, the group’s lineup expanded to its current five person roster as they began regularly selling out local shows and building a passionate fanbase in DC. Ekko’s been hailed by Paste Magazine as a band operating in the lineage of DC punk legends like Fugazi “pairing innovative sounds and community-building with trans liberation.” After the release of the group’s debut EP, QUARTZ, the band began working on a proper debut LP which they plan to release in 2024. This forthcoming LP is a maximal display of the band’s “mascara mosh pit” sound, blending no-wave art rock with moments of infectious joy engineered to make you scream along while you shove someone in the pit. It’s blistering. It’s frightening. It’s Ekko fucking Astral.

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  • Jael Holzman
  • Miri Tyler
  • Guinevere Tully
  • Liam Hughes
  • Sam Elmore

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[P]ulls together threads from post-punk, no-wave and queercore into a raucous punk palette
-The Washington Post

[P]airing innovative sounds and community-building with trans liberation.

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