Kind of Like Spitting

Kind of Like Spitting  


Indie cult favorites Kind of Like Spitting formed in 1996 in Portland, Oregon. The band, led by singer-songwriter Ben Barnett, regularly toured in the US and released twelve albums in a span of just seven years. They broke-up in 2006 but Barnett re-formed the band earlier this year. Chunky guitars contrasted with eloquent, driving bass lines and washed out, incredibly hooky vocals abound — this is one of our all-time favorite bands.

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Ben Barnett (guitar/vocals)
Brian Grant (bass)
Dante Johnson (drums)

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"They’re both warm and fuzz-drenched and vulnerable punk rock songs, and there’s a lot to like about both of them."
-Stereogum, on "Stress Cadet" and "Bulled By a Bee"

"[Kind of Like Spitting] go wild on the cut, with the distorted pop tune weaving together Pinkerton-era Weezer melodies and the slightly more stoned-out, callous-building '70s rock groove of James Gang's 'Funk 49.'"
-Exclaim!, on "Bullied By a Bee"

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