Moller blends elements of psychedelia, 60's garage/pop, post-punk and indie-rock into something unique and new. The band writes songs with pop sensibility in mind, but most often twists ideas into something more unpredictable and abrasive with hopes to keep music elitists entertained while still remaining enjoyable/listenable to a larger audience. Oh, and they like to play Balderdash.

The band has since self-released a new full-length entitled House of Ghosts and relocated to San Francisco where they play regularly.

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“Moller is something for everyone: Danceable, melodic, sad, and happy at the same time. The sound of these three young men hits you in the chest and forces you to move, even if its only the slightest bit. Moller should be in heavy rotation. Moller is the future. Watch them closely, they'll go far.”
-Outlet Magazine

“Very flippin' cool band! True to the independant nature of modern day punk rock, Moller displays the necessary components of what good hard working bands should encompass. Melodic musical riffs have us floating right into the music with ease. These gentleman have got 4 various albums under their belts and show the potential to do much more with their familiar yet unique niche sound. Moller is the real deal and once you have a listen you'll understand exactly what I mean...”
-Catsask Magazine

“Production quality on this release is very good. Every musical element (vocals, percussion, etc.) comes together so well, drawing your ears to each part individually, and as a whole. Awesome lyrics! If we had a star rating system, these guys would blow it out of the water!! We have not stopped listening to this EP since we opened it. Franz Ferdinand, The Zombies, The Strokes, Stray Cats, Kinks, and so much more.”
-Indie Productions

“Mick Jagger would be proud.”
-The Local Buzz

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