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Subsonic Eye are enraptured by nature. On their 2021 album, Nature of Things, the Singaporean five-piece explored the tolls of human indulgence through raw tonality and zippy jangle pop, poignantly celebrating the spirits of a natural world fast disappearing. But on their fourth full-length All Around You, Subsonic Eye expand this relationship to nature with a renewed appreciation for its coexistence with urban cities. The hectic character of urban life refracts through snappy, invigorating hooks, prisms of entrancing tone layered with singer Nur Wahidah’s restless, velvety lilt.

All Around You’s lead track “Yearning” unravels the band’s religious dedication to the idea that nature is all around us, that we are whole with it. Sung over a nimble guitar melody and tension-building rhythm, “dunk my head into waters / wake me up fully new now” arrives in direct reference to Wahidah’s newfound perspective that we over indulgent humans can still find a harmonious balance with nature.

The ten songs that comprise All Around You also comprise a space to sit with the complex feelings inspired by this intense world we inhabit. Rather than succumb to doom, Subsonic Eye relish the opportunity to meditate on these uncomfortable emotions to find their way to the ultimate realization that beauty is all around us.

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  • Nur Wahidah - vocals
  • Daniel Borces - guitar
  • Jared Lim - guitar
  • Samuel Venditti - bass
  • Lucas Tee - drums

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'All Around You' proves that connection—to nature, to a lover—can be a profoundly potent force.

The breathlessness of “Circle” and “Performative” (the latter a contender for one of the tracks of the year—it’s beautiful) conjures the feel of cars rushing around junctions or streets bustling with people.
-Bandcamp Daily

the band’s most exhilarating material to date.

Driven by drummer Lucas Tee’s facility for rollicking breakbeats and singer Nur Wahidah’s characteristic drawl, it’s full of adolescent unease and bittersweet longing; the band’s jangle and pitch bends seem both warm and cool, like a malaise brought on by summer rain.

Restless and confident, and topped with a sugary chorus that packs a deceptively effective punch, Hurt Your Head is one of those ‘this is my new favorite band!’ songs – you know the ones.
-Guitar World

Singaporean band Subsonic Eye come of age in real time on “Aquarius” with lead singer Nur Wahidah trying to maintain focus as adolescence and adulthood begin to blur and real life rears into view. Tight drumming and chiming guitars act as stabilizers on her journey as she stumbles towards a new reality.
-The Fader

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