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Boston-based (T-T)b describe themselves as "deep-fried bitpunk for short attention spans." The trio writes music about feelings, TV shows and extraterrestrial life, and they've quickly developed a cult following in the chiptune scene.

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Joey Dussault
Nick Dussault
Jake Cardinal

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"With catchy whining guitar riffs, LVL UP-like mood, and bit-tune intervals, (T-T)b’s sound is car music for your Nintendo 64 racetrack vehicle (whether you’re winning or driving backwards for the sake of showing how hilarious and hopeless you are). Like a favorite Mario Kart™ course, 'Slimy Quagmire' is something you’ll play on repeat."
-Allston Pudding

"In the final few weeks of 2016, (T-T)b released their latest EP, 'Slimy Quagmire.' This latest release seems to be a departure from the earlier works of the group and a catapult forward into territories unheard of within the chiptune scene."
-Dig Boston

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