Talons are an instrumental band, who call the backwater town of Hereford, UK their home. Forging the explosive energy of hardcore, the subtleties of post-rock and the fractured song structures and complexities associated with math-rock, Talons possess a fascinating sense of urgency and drive, with a sound that both soothes and savages in equal measure.

The six-piece are best experienced in a live environment, where the visceral, raw energy of their music can be fully appreciated.

Hollow Realm, the bands debut album, was produced in early 2010 by former iForward Russia! frontman Tom Woodhead. The album is comprised of 8 songs, written as a single piece of music.


Oliver Steels
Reuben Brunt
Same Little
Chris Hicks
Alex MacDougall
Sam Jarvis



“BRILLIANT... but who or what is Buff Orpington?!”
-Huw Stephens, Radio 1

“Three guitars, a drum kit and no vocals. Sounds shit on paper, is crazy-amazing in three dimensions.”

“Marrying thundering post rock to the angular shapes of math rock, Midlands instrumentalists Talons make you wonder why no one thought of doing this sort of thing sooner.”

“One of the most promising instrumental bands in the UK.”

“Exploive! Talons are rapidly filling the void that Aereogramme left behind.”
-Drowned In Sound

“Talons are rising stars.”
-Rock Sound

“A sound so forceful you can imagine the four horsemen of the apocolypse using it to psyche themselves up for a night’s work.”
-The Fly

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