No Vacation and Okey Dokey // "Really Truly"

Out everywhere today, “Really Truly” is the dreamlike joint effort by summertime tourmates No Vacation and Okey Dokey.

Kicking off with a quaint sluggishness, “Really Truly” seems to beckon the slow-paced moods of summer before slipping into an upbeat, disjointed phrase cloaked with the calls-and-responses of No Vacation and Okey Dokey. Supple and warm synth tones pepper the song with a comforting pulse, guiding the listener through its delicate, ethereal passages to its skittering, hopeful coda.

Check out the song on your preferred streaming platform today, or scope the video below, animated by Aaron Martin of Okey Dokey. (WARNING: Video may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy)

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