Friend Oasis // Digital Festival May 1

We were so bummed to have to kiss our SXSW showcases goodbye this year, so we decided to revive our unofficial showcase as a digital get together of 12 of our favorites bands and all you good people online!

We are proud to present: ~* Friend Oasis *~

You can head over to our Twitch channel starting at 4pm to catch any of these amazing performers with set times as follows (times in EST):

Friday also marks Bandcamp Day #2, where Bandcamp will be waiving their platform fees site-wide on all purchases, meaning you can put more of your money directly into your favorite artists' pockets. We will be waiving our cut as a label this weekend as well, Friday-Sunday for all digital sales. If you'd like to purchase music from any of the Friend Oasis performers you can follow the above hyperlinks to their Bandcamp page :)

See you there!

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