Harry the Nightgown // "Babbling"

The LA duo Harry the Nightgown are back with a new single off the upcoming self-titled record.

The new track and accompanying music video premiered over on Week In Pop, who described it as "a glamorous ballad that recalls the sacred and privy nature of intimate interludes shared between starry-eyed spirits and those expansive universes that are only fully witnessed and inhabited together by those aforementioned parties alone."

Check out the dreamy video for "Babbling" below~

"The rich sounds orchestrated by Sami and Spencer are elevated in ways that shatter descriptors and the economies of adjectives in favor of sounds and vision that abide by the wisdom, sentiments and sciences that are generally experienced in the logic and encounters found in the deepest depths of dreams." - Week In Pop

The debut self-titled album will be out August 7th and is available for pre-order on cassette now.

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