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We asked Record Setter to sit down and select some songs that have inspired them through the years, especially when it came to putting together their latest album I Owe You Nothing (out now). As usual, they delivered. You can listen to their curated playlist now and read a little from each band member about their selections, we hope you enjoy this installment of our "Staff Selections" playlist :~)

Kyle (guitar/vocals):

This Will Destroy You - The World Is Our _______
First song I cried to and they are one of the biggest influences in my writing.

Ostraca - Crisis
Rattles my skull in the best possible way. Incredible emotion put into this record and this song runs the gamut emotionally for me.

Mono - Halo
Mono was always the band I put on to get shit done in college. Very inspiring and focused. Huge sound, another very big inspiration to my writing.

The Obsessives - Wet Shorts
Top 5 emo albums for me. Probably the best song off this album too imo. It just hits.

Right Away, Great Captain! - Cause I’m So Scared of Dying
Fucks me right up. Andy Hull just knows how to dig into my heart and just kind of nestle there. This was the hardest single song to pick out of all these discographies.

Judy (guitar/vocals):

Portraits of Past - Implications of a Sinkhole Personality
Great band. Found them real late last year actually and have been obsessed with them. They were doing pretty much everything we are back in the 90s and they absolutely blew my mind the first listen.

Alice Gas - Gast Up
Okay, take all the metalcore out of Attack Attack. That's Alice and that's why I love it. This song has a video game feel I just like a lot, idk if anyone else agrees. Amazing artist. Amazing performer. Most highest work ethic of any fellow musician I know. I love her music and she is the fucking best.

These Arms Are Snakes - Your Pearly Whites
Again super late finding them maybe late 2018. Amazing song structures just wild energy and super dynamic songs. Very addictive listen.

Low - Rope
This song specifically is the saddest song i know. Such a simple narrative but sticks with you for obvious reasons. This whole band is a master class of holding back.

Fear Before the March of Flames - Go Wash Your Mouth… I Don't Know Where It's Been
What can I say about them besides they're possibly top all time. Really wish I could have seen them live. This song, especially the soft second half is just perfect.

Boys Life - Calendar Year
idk if i'm wrong saying this song is underrated ? but it's my favorite Boys Life song. Kinda Mineral mixed with kinda Indian Summer. 6/8 driving strumming guitar,, tommy drum patterns. You'll find a lot of this feel throughout IOYN.

Drum Jake:

Underoath - When the Sun Sleeps
Probably the first time I realized I truly wanted to play music. This song is a favorite of mine.

Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day
A lot of influence here. This album came at a pivotal time in my life and this track remains near and dear.

Polar Bear Club - Screams in Caves
Have to give it up for NYHC. They’re one of the goats.

Oathbreaker - Nomads
Crushing and everything I’m looking for in aggressive music. The toms in the the third act of this track gives me goosebumps every time.

Flesh Born - Many Ports
Blessed be.

Bass Jake:

Algernon Cadwallader - Look Down
There’s a running joke in our band that all I ever listen to is Algernon Cadwallader and it’s at least 50% true. I found Algernon at a sad time in my life and they were a bright spark that set me on to happier living. This song is the GOAT.

Death Cab for Cutie - Scientists Studies
Nick Harmer is my favorite bassist of all time. Everything I write is basically a failure to write a Nick Harmer line. The way this song builds around the melodic bassline at the end is perfect.

Elevation Worship - Here as in Heaven
If you don’t like worship music you should at least listen to the bass run at 6:45. The line here does such a perfect job echoing the vocals while amplifying the drum fill. Life goal.

Oso Oso - Track 1, Side A
I just can’t stop listening to this song.

On an On - It’s Not Over
My wife and I saw On an On on their farewell tour and they refused to play this song. I feel like I get it though… just like... what in the world was this guy on when he wrote this bass part to this. SO MUCH FEEL.

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