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We see this space as an opportunity to give a platform for our roster—but moreso, the individual people that comprise our roster—to speak on anything that's important to them, or to simply share anecdotes about their music. Our hope is that this will expand into a curated, open-ended hub for not just news and updates, but also recommendations, behind-the-scenes, "premieres" & exclusives, random musings, calls to action, and as a means for us to riff on what we think is important. Our logo is a speech bubble, after all.

Every post we've ever made going back to 2006 has been meticulously tagged and archived here for you. Use the 'by artist' dropdown or the filters to show posts that're more specific to what you're looking for, or just scroll down to peruse things chronologically. Thanks for reading!
an illustration by Madeline Dowd, showing whimsical people enjoying music in various ways


Preview: "Nature Kids" Video from Gulfer


Keep one eye on Gulfer - new track and video coming soon for "Nature Kids", the third single from their forthcoming self-titled record. Gulfer is out October 16 via Topshelf & Royal Mountain Records read more →


Alfred // Cabbages Interview


Catch up with the latest music and musings from Alfred., and check out their new paintings while you're at it read more →


Flung // Curated Playlist


"These are all tracks that have impacted, tinted, and shaped my emotions and ways of listening. All are points of inspiration, a collection of pieces of my music's environment!" read more →


Second Look // Dusting off our favorite overlooked songs in our catalog

We combed through the thousands of songs in our catalog and came up with these 21 tracks we think didn't get enough shine when they came out and warrant a second look. read more →


call to action: Montreal


Help support important local initiatives in Montreal, Quebec read more →


A Message From Thanya Iyer

​"Keep learning and growing and have an open mind as we all figure out how to create actionable steps towards reconciliation. Here are some organizations and initiatives to get to know and learn about"​ read more →


Gregory Uhlmann // Curated Playlist

Gregory Uhlmann

"This may seem a little all over the place, but I think that's just how my brain likes to listen to music. What holds them all together is some kind of mysterious magic woven into their fabric..." read more →


Meet our Summer Interns!

Gregory Uhlmann

Meet our new interns Reina, and Sarah, and listen to the playlists they made just for you <3 read more →


Call to Action #1

Gregory Uhlmann

we encourage you to take action locally, to find people on the ground who are already working toward decarceration, abolition, and de-funding the police. read more →


Summer Internship

Gregory Uhlmann

We're looking for a summer intern to assist with our summer release schedule. We're accepting applications through May 29, check out the post for more details! read more →


Crisman // Curate our "Staff Selections" Playlist


Crisman have chosen 20 songs that they keep on repeat in the van, and that have made them excited about music :) give it a whirl read more →


Cancelled Tours // 100% of Bandcamp Sales Going to Artists


Consider buying the record of anyone whose show you were planning on attending this Spring. You can head to Bandcamp to support your favorite artists now :^) read more →


Ratboys // "Staff Selections" playlist guest curated by Ratboys


"These songs inspire us to create. & that's the best vibe you can ask for." read more →


addy // new single "Easier" +plus+ curated artist playlist


Today we're happy to share "Easier", the second single from addy's forthcoming record "Eclipse", due out March 6th read more →


2019 Recap // Boyscott // Goose Bumps


Words by Scott Hermo Jr. of Boyscott read more →


Topshelf Records // 2019 Recap


A near-comprehensive overview of Topshelf's 2019 releases read more →


Fall Internship

We're looking for a fall intern in Portland, OR. read more →


Giraffes? Giraffes! // Memory Lame (Realized)

The influential math-rock duo shares the fully realized version of their psych-infused record Memory Lame read more →


SXSW Photo Diaries

We gave all the artists playing our SXSW showcase this year a disposable camera for the week. Here's what everyone's weeks looked like in film. read more →


2019 SXSW Official Showcase


Join us this year for our most eclectic lineup to date! read more →


In Film: Topshelf at SXSW 2018


Last March, we had Queen of Jeans, Ratboys, No Vacation, Special Explosion, Gulfer, and Poppies all down in Austin for two awesome parties we hosted. We gave everyone a disposable camera and got them all developed afterward. Here's what turned up! read more →


New Music from Elephant Gym, Annual Label Sampler & Holiday Sale


A slew of discounts, re-stocks, new items—as well as a free download of our new sampler and a surprise album release! read more →


Pema // "Depend" + 'Bad Habits' Pre-Orders!

The next entry in our cassette series is almost here! read more →


Giraffes? Giraffes! // "Hug of Death" + 'Memory Lame' Pre-Orders!


New single, pre-order, and tour dates! read more →


mouse on the keys // New Album 'Tres'

Out on 12” vinyl, cd, and digitally on May 23rd! read more →


tricot // 'potage / on the Boom' 7"

New tricot 7" on the way! read more →


Fav Finder App Now Available!

New Topshelf application Fav Finder helps you find Topshelf releases similar to your current favorites. read more →


End of Year Sale!

17% off all 2017 releases until the end of the year read more →


New Subscription Prices

With the end of 2017 approaching (it can't come fast enough, honestly), we've got some vinyl/digital and Bandcamp subscription updates for ya! read more →


Topshelf Records // 2016 Label Sampler

In the past, we've compiled *mega* samplers of 60-90+ songs from varying artists and genres and geographies, this year we've taken a slightly different approach. read more →