Bandcamp Friday // we share our recommendations!

It's Bandcamp Friday again! We thought it would be fun to share some of what we, on staff, have been buying on Bandcamp recently to help kick off the festivities. Hope you find something new to love!

Will: PR wizard, and all around stand-up guy

  • Unless you know who d'Eon is, I strongly doubt you've heard anything like these unruly and gorgeous woodwind and harpsichord VSTs mashed together in spectacular polyrhythmic arrays.

  • This is my favorite UK math-pop release since Colour's Anthology. it's fun, it's a little technical but not overbearing, it's catchy, it's heartfelt, it's just fuckin sick all over.

  • Synkro is, to me, an icon of bass music, and this anthology release he just dropped is a great intro to his style of thick, gauzed-out downtempo. super warm, super textured.

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Sarah: illustration, animation, jokes and the hottest takes

  • Post punk in the Spanish language… it’s a bit of a resurgence, but also a bit of an evolution. It’s short and overall formulaic, and with a meme-y album cover I guess it would be easy to write it off, but I think there’s something really compelling here.

  • Whimsical club!!! Postgenre!!! You can say whatever you want about what it might be, but the production is killer and the sound is frenetic but always always always stylish.

  • Experimental soul that hooked me quick.

Kevin: You know who this guy is, he started this whole damn show back in his college dorm, and he's still here clicking away with us every day.

  • A full spectrum whole ass vibe!!! there are a lot of beat tapes on bc but this one is one of my favorites I've ever come across.

  • This is the best lofi indie rock record i have come across in years. just an astoundingly pleasant discovery.

  • Bulldog Eyes is it, y’all. indie pop with HOOKS. Their discography is available on a limited run of cassettes rn as well—get on it!

  • Quick, before summer’s gone!!

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Mack: communications queen, catch me on socials, newsletters, features, etc.

  • Incredible Chicago gay gay gay basement club music. Opening track is called "ALPHAPUSSY" and there's a song with the lyric: "I just hope that there's a fire / that all our landlords burn and die in" - literally what more could you want?

  • Very calming, textured, droning modular synth music. I desperately want to find an affordable modular synthesizer to play around on, and arushi jain is a huge inspiration in that. A sublime journey into her ancestral history.

  • Rebellious anti-authoritarian duo out of Russia who combine haunting, operatic vocals with grimy beats to create a one of a kind sound. Spooky but also beautiful.

  • This is another project of our very own Gregory Uhlmann that I love love love. I listen to this record all the time when I need to take half an hour to re-center, or to cook, or to just feel warmth. Contemporary jazz compositions that flow so freely.

~ You can browse and shop from my collection as well ~ (You will see that I subscribe to Fire Talk's fan club and my library is flooded with their incredible releases)

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