Gregory Uhlmann // New live video + curated playlist

A new month and new offerings are here!

Chicago -> LA singer-songwriter Gregory Uhlmann has released a new live video for his shimmering one-off single "Goosebumps"

"A sweet and smart slice of orchestral aural cinema for the ear that moves the heart and soul." - Week in Pop

the sigh / the fly on the wall / the cat’s cry / the sweet morning lull / drank a little too much last night / forgot my keys / didn’t turn off the lights / gives me goosebumps every time / you say / you say / you say / the line gets longer every day / the clock seems stuck / and I forget my name / the smokey air has got my lungs aflame / i stop to look / and nothing seems the same / sitting on the front porch / talking to the toaster / moving to the backyard / rearranging the silverware / gives me goosebumps every time / you say / you say / you say

Greg has also curated our August installment of "artist selections", with 15 tracks that inspire his song craft, with tracks from Deerhoof, Roberta Flack, Les Filles de Illighadad, and a dozen musical landscapes in between, it's a smashing good time.

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