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In March, the New York-based indie-pop quartet Lunarette released their first EP, "Clair de Lunarette", to a dedicated fanbase of listeners old and new. Some coming to the band from their love of past project Gingerlys, some following their ears to a fresh and exciting take on the genre.

Released at the dawn of a verdant, hopeful spring, these songs shimmer with the golden glow of nostalgia. - Flood Magazine

As the season has progressed, I've found myself wanting to pop these 5 tracks on my speakers more and more frequently. To get a little insight on how this incredibly tight EP came together from a sonically diverse landscape of inspirations, I asked the band to put together the latest installment of our Artist Selections playlist:

Members Brian Alvarez, Kevin Doxsey, Jackie Mendoza, and Colin O'Neill put their heads together to provide 24 songs that help to paint that picture.

"Here are some songs that we got into from this past year, a year we obviously did not expect. Each of us got into sounds that have informed our evolving musical perspectives, and while varying, I find that they all feed off each other."

Our Artist Selections playlist is updated every month or so, but every installment is archived on the artist's spotify page. Save your faves, and thanks for listening!

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